You choose the Waypoint to visit, creating your own version of the story!

You and your family are on a hiking trip through the Farsight woods. It had been a very exiting trip until the wind blew the map out of your father’s hand. Currently, your family is wondering the woods, with absolutely no idea where you are or where you are going.
You are hot, hungry, thirsty, bad smelling, and tired. All that you need to make yourself happy is a wade in a creek that doesn’t have creepy crawlers.
Your family drags yourselves over the crest of the mountain you’ve been following and stop dead short. A path runs past your family and it leads east and west.
. “dad,” you ask,” Which way should we go?”

If you want to go east, go to waypoint 2.
If you want to go west, go to waypoint 3.

The west trail turned out to be more treacherous than the one you had just been on. The hills were steeper, there were more creeks to cross and they were wider, and the path split so many different directions that it had become a case of trial and error. You and your family has already taken so many false turns that you were fighting off an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.
Suddenly a small, furry, black and white striped thing jumped out in front of you with a drawing in its mouth.
“A raccoon with the map!” you yelled.Suddenly, the raccoon rocketed away with your family close behind.
You turn a corner . . . and 2 identical raccoons run different directions. You’re not sure, but you think the raccoon with the map went. . .
If you think it went right, go to waypoint