Using GPS
GPS Travel Project
Pocket GPS World

Resources Already Out There:
Dr. Alice Christie's GPS and Geocaching Guide for Educators ( )
EduCaching: A GPS-based Curriculum for Teachers ( )
Londonderry School, Harrisburg ( )
GroundSpeak Forums - GPS in Education

Educaching - A GPS Based Curriculum for Teachers -
Geocacher University -
Geocachers’ Creed -
Geocaching – The official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site - / - find the latitude & longitude of any US address - for free -
GPS Adventures -
Juicy Geography -
Geocaching University – Let’s Go Geocaching!

Theme Caches
Degree of Confluence Project
Evil Green Menace
Heart to Heart

Supporting Research
Young Americans Geographically Challenged
Exploring Common Ground: The Educational Promise of GIS (Downloadable Paper)
Geographic Inquiry: Thinking Geographically (Downloadable Paper)
Learning to Think Spatially new report from the National Research Council